Grup Yorum member is still in prison, despite the cancer risk

Ali Poyraz, the father of Grup Yorum’s member Dilan: “Blood is coming out of the  mouth and the nose of my daughter.”

The mother of Dilan, the Grup Yorum’s member whose nose and mouth bleed,  suffered pancreas and lung cancer. Dilan is experiencing the same symptoms as  her mother did.

“The other day I went to the open visit. Six days ago they discharged my  daughter from the hospital. The blood is coming out of her nose and mouth.

Ali Poyraz

During the open visit, I took my daughter’s hand, I put my hands on her cheeks  and she was burning like fire. In the hospital they did only a superficial  examination”, said Dilan’s father when he went to the prison visit two days ago. We spoke with Ali Poyraz (48), the father of the arrested Grup Yorum member  Dilan Poyraz (22) about the circumstances of his daughter’s health. He said that  he is worried for the health of his daughter and that she was not being taken to  the hospital with excuses such as: “The vehicle didn’t come” or “Currently there  are no soldiers”. Poyraz mentioned he was able to see his daughter only for 15  minutes when he went to the visit, and added: “My daughter took the side of the  people that suffer injustice. The system sees her as a terorist. Yesterday she stood by the journalists, today she stands by the miners. My daughter came back  and stood by the turban wearing people who suffered injustice. I am proud of my  daughter.”

Poyraz explained that her wife has pancreas and lung cancer and stated: “At the beginning, juast as Dilan my wife as well threw up blood. They have the same symptoms. That’s what’s the most frightening for us. I want my daughter to be released and provided with a medical threatment. Grup Yorum’s member Dilan Ekin is by my daughter’s side. She also suffers from stomach pain and has a risk of remaining paralysed. They must provide treatment for all sick prisoners,  immediately.

“Diagnostics and treatment is not possible under this conditions”In the letter from Silivri Prison Dilan Poyraz stated that the bleeding from her mouth and nose from her started and requested immediate transfer to the hospital  and blood analysis. The results have still not arrived. “I experience difficulty  breathing. My sleep cycle has been impaired. Under this conditions correct  diagnostics and treatment are not possible. For example, if that day the soldier  does not come, you cannot go to the medical examination or if the soldier does  not step out of the room, you cannot get examined”, she said.