Walker for Ferhat Gerçek

We will introduce the projects on which the architects and engineers are working on and on which they’re going to work in future

Ferhat Gerçek is 26 years old. At the age of 17 he was paralyzed by a police bullet. Our wish to make Ferhat walk again never ended.
During our researches we found out, that there is a walker for paralyzed patients. Thanks to this walker a person in need of a wheelchair, could get rid of it and walk again. The price for the walker is about 80.000-90.000 TL (around 30.000 Euro). So, this technology of the bourgeoisie for paralyzed patients, is only produced for the use of rich people.

Ferhat Gercek

For our poor population it is almost impossible to take advantage of it. Therefore we decided to create our own walker. Through cooperation between the ‘Engineers of the People’ and an expert in this field, we were able to succeed in producing a walker within 3 months.
Not just was our walker in no way inferior to the commercial product, some of it’s features were even better.
For example, a paralyzed person can get up with this walker without the help of another person.
We presented the walker, which we had produced, to Ferhat during a ceremony. We produced the walker for 5.000 TL instead of 90.000TL. We named it ‘Ferhat Gercek Walker’.
We aim to take a patent for it and to start with series production. We’re going to produce a solution for all paralyzed people, not just for the bourgeoisie, but also for the poor population.
Momentarily the walker costs about 5.000 TL (1800 Euro). With a series production the price could be reduced even more. At the moment, it is only possible to walk on straight roads with our walker. But it is attempted to develop a version, which makes it possible to climb up stairs. If we succeed, we’ll be the first, who produce a walker, that can climb up stairs.

A short video which demonstrates how does the walker works